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Thumper and Opie

2018 "Thumper" Khaleesi and Noah Spring Litter 2018 "Opie" Khaleesi and Galliano Fall Litter
After waiting for almost ten years we finally took the plunge and attained our first American Curl kitten. We were fortunate to find Kathy Falcone and PROCURL HAREM. Thumper (Rascal) turned out to be everything we were looking for in a Curl. His playfulness and personality is just off the charts, as it should be. But I believe a good part of that is the love and care that Kathy takes in raising these furry little jewels. Kathy and her husband do not have children, so the cats have become Kathy’s children, and it shows. She is so dedicated to the breed and her ability to socialize the kittens before they go to their forever homes borders on the incredible. When we got Rascal we thought it couldn’t get any better but after getting Opie (Lightning) just six months later we found out we were wrong. This kitten has got to be the sweetest cat in history. He is so loving and gentle it’s amazing. Both kittens were so well socialized that they were “home” within the first hour of bringing them to our home. Lightning and Rascal are best friends now, not to mention that they are actually half brothers (Same mother, Khaleesi, but different fathers). Would we recommend Kathy and PROCURL HAREM? Well, we’ll answer that by saying that we are expecting to get our third and final Curl kitten from Kathy this spring or summer. Kathy has always been there if we have any questions or concerns, she’s the best! By all means, if you’re looking to acquire an American Curl, get in touch with Kathy today.
-Mike and Diana Glaze 2018 "Thumper" Khaleesi and Noah Spring Litter 2018 "Opie" Khaleesi and Galliano Fall Litter
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