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Copy and paste the questions below into an blank email field, at procurlharem15@gmail.com.
The questions are in bold so please answer the question in re
gular, unbolded text so I can read easily.
Call that you have completed and emailed the answers to me for a heads up. 936-689-4349 thanks.

Please answer briefly. Any questions call 936-689-4349 - Kathy

Q: How did you find PROCURL HAREM? specific site and keywords you used to find PROCURL HAREM.

Q: What is your name? Where are you located? What is your Wk + Cell phone numbers?

Q: Are you able to come pick up the kitten at 10-12 weeks old (rather than shipping at 4 months old, last option)?

Q: If shipped at 4 mos. old, what is your nearest major airport?

Q: Are you interested in a boy or girl? color? (males do not spray when neutered at 6 months old)

Q: Why are you interested in American Curls? (we do not sell breeding Curls.)

Q: Can you give me your vet's phone number OR a reference?

Q: Do you have children under 10 years of age? ages-boys/girls?

Q: Please tell us briefly about members in your household.

Q: Is this a kitten for you personally or will it be a gift for someone outside  the home?

Q: If you rent, could you provide proof that pets are allowed?

Q: Are you willing to keep the Curl indoors only? screens on windows- porch?

Q: What are your views on declawing?

Q: Does anyone have known cat allergies that lives in your home?

Q: Part of a Curl's charm is their playful “curiosity”. Will you cat-proof your home and willingly forgive possible antics without scolding/swatting Curlie?

Q: Did you own a cat that died of FIP in the last year?

Q: What do you do with your pets when on vacation?

Q: Cats can live a long time and we never know what the future holds. Do you have someone willing to permanently take in your animal(s) should you become incapacitated or unable to care for them? Yes or No

Q: Are you willing to return your Curl back to us if unable to keep it, or your situation changes before considering a shelter?

Q: Anything else you'd like to offer.


ph  936-689-4349
fax  413.280.5018