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LITTER - Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat Silica litter is what we use because it omits entirely any urine smell, has no dust, doesn't track and is flushable. NEVER use clay litter...it is very dusty, not odor free and can cause sneezing and runny eyes in cats and kittens. http://www.amazon.com

BOX - Use a large hooded box or box with a high rim to keep litter from scattering.  Place a litter mat in front of the box entrance to minimize clean up.  Purchase a good scoop with big holes and a dustpan for carrying CRYSTAL litter to the toilet.  If you have a Trader Joes nearby, use their silica SPACE cat litter in the red bag.  Cheaper and best on the market!

LITTER LINERS - Johnny Cat. Fits all boxes and is the thickest made for digging claws. Not necessary if using scoopable clumping litter as it stays in the box, which should be scrubbed out every few months with soap and water. If you have more than one cat then it is best to clean litter box often.

WET FOOD - 3 oz. can of Fancy Feast grilled turkey, beef, or chicken. Feed 2X a day even after altered. Turkey-Giblets from Trader Joe's if possible. If you prefer to change foods to your liking then gradually mix in with Fancy Feast over a week. This will help in omitting any loose stool. When your Curl likes something then stay with it because they are getting nutrition. EVO is a great natural food but very expensive. NO MILK-loose stools will definitely result. No table or people food, just occasional fresh turkey or chicken is ok. Please use BOTTLED WATER for first week and then gradually mix in your tap water over 2 wks. Intestines have to get used to new water. Don't worry about loose stools in the first week.

DRY FOOD - "Fromm" is a great place to start. This brand is grain free with an assortment of meats and fish to choose from. Please visit this link Cat Food Reviews to read more about this brand and several others.  We hope this will help you choose a quality brand of cat food for your new Curl. Along with dry please give wet food throughout your Curl's life. Giving dry only can cause urinary blockage. If you prefer to use another natural brand please mix in slowly over a week. Leave dry food down ALL DAY for a kitten next to a LARGE glass bowl of water and refresh it out daily. No plastic bowls ever for food.

TREATS - Offer freeze dried chicken or beef Live-a-Littles from pet store (they LOVE this, refrigerate after opening) also Kitty Caviar Bonita flakes. Curls can be taught to fetch so, reinforce with treats and lots of "congratulations!" All Curls will learn easily if taught early. Be patient and do routine daily.
NOTE: Put a 1/2 stick of REAL butter in a dish and leave it down all day for Curlie to lick when they feel like it. This will reduce shedding, produce shiny coats and is a great source of B vitamins and amino acids. A MUST all year and they will not gain weight.

EAR CLEANING - Epi-Otic Advanced Ear cleaner from Revival Pet supply Item #17652-740 $12.99 Revival Animal Health Put the liquid on a Fran Wilson Eye Tees swab (available at drug stores in make-up section or www.franwilson.com) Glide the pointy tip gently UP the furrows of the ear from canal opening UP until ears looks clean. NOT into canal as it can push wax further down canals. Check ears every month OR when noticeably waxy. Do not use Johnson & Johnson swabs. Ends come off in ears!! NEVER put liquids into Curl ears unless prescribed by a vet. Canals are somewhat narrow and it is very uncomfortable for Curlie to shake out and could cause inner ear problems. Only OTOMAX ointment for simple infections with prescription from KV Supply. NOTE: Sometimes there is yeast under the wax and is usually a result of not being able to properly clean the inner canals. This is regarded as FUNGAL since the ears are yeast producing and stenotic, and the canals are not straight. USE ZYMOX OTC prescribed by your vet and ONE DROP DAILY IN EACH EAR FOR 2 WEEKS. That should clear any black discharge.

COAT MANAGEMENT - Natural bristle brush for daily skin and fur management porcupine style to stimulate skin oils for luster. Curls shed very little naturally and usually do not mat. Work occasional mats with metal comb turned sideways and gently lift. They LOVE brushing-also cuts down on shedding, keeping silky and shiny.

NAIL CLIPPERS - CLIP TIPS ONLY - every 10 days or when needed. Ensures a happy relationship. Revival Animal Health #14616-795 $6.99

TOYS - Before kitten arrives a MUST HAVE would be a cat tree at least 5-6 ft. tall with rims on platforms so, Curlie does not fall off.  Poles must have SISAL or ROPE because carpeted poles serve no purpose at all.  Cats need resistance to strengthen their muscles genetically.  Your new Curl kitten was trained on a cat tree with scratching posts and does not even know what scratching a couch is unless you do not have a tree for them.  They must climb and scratch something so, get one!!  This way everyone will be happy.  We recommend going to CatTrees for a cat tree. Ask for Terry (973-335-1878) and let him know Kathy Falcone in Montgomery, TX recommended him.  Put feathered toys away after use.  NEVER use string of any kind to play with because this can cause choking.  Exercise is very important so, play with your new Curl daily -- like you have a choice.  They love interaction.

Try Amazon: Sherpaź is the carrier source for pets on the go!
PLEASE call me with any questions, no matter how small. ENJOY your new Curl experience and you will say too, that these are not cats but a gift from Mother Nature's special recipes.

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