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We welcome you to read some of the many heartfelt testimonials of gratitude sent to us from our very happy Curl owners. You will read many testimonials discovering their Curl's fun personalities and the overwhelming feeling of their Curl's love.  Enjoy!

"Popeye" Kittahn
His parents are "Sundae" and "Galliano"
We are amazed by his intelligence!  He loves to play hide and seek. He will have no part of the laser pointer. He looks at us like "seriously".  He is fascinated by water and doesn't mind the shower. Doesn't like the towel but loves the hairdryer!  When he has had enough play he loves to snuggle on your chest. Right under your chin. He is such a love and he is a wonderful addition to our family.
Laura Baker
Glenmont, NY
2016 Litter

"Anouk" is doing wonderful! We are best of friends and she has such a fun personality.  She is very dog-like, smart and a curious kitty! 
Ines Novacic
Brooklyn, NY
2015 Ikea & Galliano litter


April 11 2014
Dear Caroline & Michael,

I hope this letter finds both of you in good health.
I thank you from the bottom of my heart for you letting me have one of the BEST CAT'S ever.
Badgie aka Rufus the Red had the sweetest temperament and showered me with kisses.
Everyday. I looked forward to seeing his beautiful face, bright eyes, and those fabulous curly ears.
I will never forget when I first saw his picture at the Staten Island Cat show in 1999, I had never seen a cat like that and I was thrilled when you said I could take him home.
Caroline, you and Michael have done an incredible job raising these wonderful animals and I am very grateful for the almost 15 years of joy that Rufus gave me.
Procurl Harem's Grand Champion Red Badge of Curlage was truly my "Curly Eared Buddy"
His health took a drastic turn for the worse and he passed away on January 27th, 2014.
I've been very sad, crying alot over my loss of him and I'm just now able to put into words how I feel.  I'm miserable without him ! ! !
I miss Rufus and "Sweet Lukie" both very much and thank you again for allowing me to share in their lives.
I hope that in the near future that you would consider letting me adopt one of you retiring cats.


Laila Dahir


December 14 2013
Hi Caroline

here she is --a darling . Stewie is beginning to get used to her. Maisey I have decided to call her that since snowfint will not fit since she will not stay white . She is a ball of energy thank you again best regards.

Karen D.


November 3 2013

Look who made it into our local magazine...Parade!! (Aka CRUZE) He was dressed up for Halloween as a Clown. I was hoping to get into their October issue, but instead they put him in the November issue. Too cute!!!

Kathy Falcone


September 4 2013
Hi Caroline,

Thought we' d better touch base and let you know that our family, including Jeter aka Gravik are just fine.  We've experienced terrible flooding in the City of Calgary and surrounding areas, but our subdivision is far enough away from the rivers that we escaped with no damage.  We love Jeter to death,  he is so loving and is such a character, definitely the centre of attention in our house.    He is sat at my feat as I type this, playing with one of his many toys.
I've attached a couple of pictures, one of him on his perch at our back window, a walking path runs behind our house and he loves to people and dog watch.  The other two pics are of him with his favourite buddies, our two sons. 
Hope this finds you well, and you have a fabulous Labor Day.
Bryan and Sally H.


June 17 2013

Hi Caroline

Attached is Kladd (aka Sarge) playing with all his toys.  What a real beauty he his.  Personality exceeds expectations...I love him to death! He is very happy in his new home and comfortable with his Curly roommates- Romeo and Zinger.

Hope this e-mail finds you well.

Ellen Singer


June 1 2013

Hi Caroline,

I have been wanting to e-mail you or call you everyday that we've had Margaretta whom we call Bella. She is the sweetest, softest, smartest, cutest cat I have ever had the honor or pleasure to meet. When you said that she would bring such light and joy into our lives ended up being a huge understatement.  We got her a friend that is three weeks younger. Her name is Tiki and she is an F5 savannah. They are the best of friends and do everything together. I would however like to send Tiki to Bella's school of etiquette. Do you have any openings? Ha Ha. Bella is also the politest cat ever as well. I never want to be without an American curl for the rest of my life!

Thanks again

Amelia G


Jan 10 2013

Helmut and Caroline-

Hello!! I hope this is still your e-mail address. I just wanted you to see your beautiful boys that you helped in bringing into this world and we love more and more every day ;) Gizmo (Armada) and Iggy (Martop) were from Ikea's first litter from Dec. 2009, when she had 6 boys! Let me tell you, I am so glad we got two! They get into trouble together, it's great! They are constantly getting into things which makes life and our household more interesting. I can't believe our babies are already 3!! Time has flown by. Thank you for our loving babies ;)

Natalie and Darin David


DEC 10 2012
Our cat, Lulu aka Surrey--- is happy as a clam.
We love her and heavens she is spoiled.
Happy Holidays,
Chris N and Bob B
Washington DC


OCT 23 2012


Good things :

 "Popover" (TAXI) is has the loudest and most exuberant purr of any pussy cat I have ever had including purring as he eats.  He loves to grab my face on either side with his paws to pull my face toward him for a thorough inspection.  He loves his toys so much that he sometimes herds them into the same space to make a choice, then becomes overwhelmed by the vast selection that he goes to sleep.

BTW he is up to 5lbs 7 oz.  My vet is SO in love with him.

'hope you are well!



OCT 18 2012


Just a note to tell you how thrilled I am to have blueberry as part of the family. She is everything I had hoped for and more. She truly is a spectacular looking kitty. As I have watched her adapt to her new environment I see how well she is socialized, displaying a fearlessness without being aggressive. At first I was unsure about her intelligence but as she acclimated to her new home and I watch her problem solve I  see she is quite high on the intelligence scale.

I am home most of the time so having her as a companion has a lot of meaning for me.

Best wish to you, your business and your family.

Steven W.


July 31 2012

Hi Caroline,

Here is some photos of Ribba you might enjoy. We can't thank you enough all the help you've given us through this wonderful experience. Ribba is everything you said she would be and more. She is the love of our lives.The first one is Ribba enjoying herself out on our patio. The second one is Ribba helping Elaine do the dishes. Ribba gets involved in everything we do. The third and forth are Ribba watching all the birds at the bird feeder. Thank you for giving us this angel! 

Michael & Elaine S.


July 25 2012

Hi Caroline

Knoppa has the same frisky personality as you saw on Animal Planet.  He is very, very curious and energetic.  The same is true for his brother Ransky.

They both keep us very busy  They do everything together just as they did when they were younger. 

If they re not together, they are looking for the other until they find each other.  Sometimes when we cannot find one of  them, possibly because one might have gotten closed in a room, you can be sure the other is outside the door of that room and meowing to get our attention. 

They have unbelievable bubbly/busy/curious/energetic personalities and are very loving as well. 

Attached are some recent pictures...... 

Best Regards.....Duane and Beverly


DECEMBER 15 2011

I'm going to Ca. to be with my family for Christmas. When I get back I will take some more pics of Gelato. He's growing and such a sweetheart. He slept with me all night last night. He still does the nose rubs and purrs constantly. He likes to sit in the bathroom sink when I'm in the shower. He plays a lot with toys. But the last few nights he has been playing with one toy. I throw it and he runs to get it and brings it back to me up on the bed. He likes to chew on paper bags and on the edge of boxes. Not sure if he is still teething or if this is just something he likes to do.
When we had some really warm weather a couple weeks ago I let him out with the others on my balcony to get some fresh air. He really liked it. I kept watching him. He just sniffed and then laid down to watch everything.  
Thanks again and Have a wonderfully happy and blessed Christmas!



DECEMBER 15 2011
Hi Caroline: 

Just had to share this photo with you!  I put this small tree up last night and unbelievably, it was still standing today when I got home from work.  LOL!!

I think Barclay is wishing on the star.  :-) Hope you are doing well!


Karen O. TX


DECEMBER 14 2011


Hi Caroline,

Thought you might like to see some recent pictures. These two guys are just wonderful.
Hope all is well with you and Helmut. Will write you a letter later

Love, Barbara U.


GELATO is doing great!  He sleeps next to me some nights.  Needless to say he's curious and into everything....climbed in the refrigerator when I had the door open...jumped from the top of a chair and was hanging from the fireplace mantel...when I was watching a video that I made of him playing with the feather toy on my computer, he got on my desk and was trying to play with it on my computer monitor...he likes to get in the bathroom sink and play in the bath tub...he runs through the apartment from room to room like a flash going by.

I think he's comfortable in his new home and he feels loved and he makes me feel that way as well.

All the kitties are good with each other now.

Melinda  AUSTIN TX   SEPT 2011


JULY 2011

Hi Caroline,

This guy is such a character!  He's funny to watch. He wears himself out and crashes.
He's a love bug for sure! I'm thrilled with him. He makes my day! That face is so sweet!

Doris and George


JULY 2011

Dear Procurl Harem,

Do you remember 'Dash' ? I got him from you 17 years ago! this coming November at the cat show. He is so sweet and in great health for his age.

Loves being combed - I could not have a more adorable companion.

All best regards,

Pat W.   NYC

MARCH 2011

Hi!   I have to tell you that Chip and Canoli are absolutely, positively, the most WONDERFUL cats I have ever seen!  They are so playful and so loving!  They're gorgeous of course, but it's actually not their looks that  has everyone commenting on them, it's their incredible personality!!!  They are so affectionate and love to be with us.  They are so docile and let all the kids hold them and love on them so easily.  They alternate from being little clowns and running around playing and being total lap cats.  James said it so well this morning when he said "How can anyone --even a non cat person-- not fall in love with these cats?!"  He's absolutely right of course.  In fact, I had a friend who has 2 cats come over last week.  She was so smitten with our two little ones that she left my house 2 hours later with your name and website!  (We searched Utube together and found a video of Madelaine's new litter and she fell in love with a couple of them)  Her name is Susan Fesko in case she calls.  She's a wonderful person and happens to gravitate more towards dogs, but she changed her mind after playing with Chip and Canoli!!!

Oh, and I'm so glad we got two of them!  Thank you for that suggestion, that was brilliant!  The kids originally were going to each have "their" cat, but neither of them could decide which one they loved most, so they both agreed to share the love, so now they each have 2 cats they both love!!!  How's that for family harmony?

I hope both you and Helmut are doing great.  We send lots of grateful and happy hugs your way!


MARCH 10 2011


Just an update. Ekby is doing well, scampering all over the house.  Uncle Zinger has taken charge of protecting him in addition to daily bathing. He is such a love bug.. purring all the time!

Grandkids are thrilled with him.. and he is not all all afraid of them.

All in all, he is a good fit for your family. After 2 days of getting him.

Thanks again-

E.S. New Jersey


Jan 22 2011



Happy New Year from snowy Colorado!
We were so glad to hear from you. Sorry I haven't been in touch sooner. It's been hectic with all the company and the holidays, which were the most festive in years thanks to our beloved Curls.
Lizzy and Chaucer have tripled in size since we brought them home. Chaucer is a BIG, stunning boy at nearly nine pounds as of Thursday! Lizzy looks much leaner although she is exactly 7 pounds!!!
Andy is making a CD for you with that's a photographic journal of Lizzy and Chaucer's first four months in Colorado.
We love them so much and we love you and Helmut for all you have done for us. 

Will be in touch, promise! 

With love and thanks,
Susan and Andy  CO


Jan 2011

Hi Caroline,

Happy New Year to you and Helmut.  Hope you had a good holiday. 
We've finally been able to get some pictures of Annabelle.  When she's running around she's too fast to capture!!
She's a real love.  She loves to play, especially with water (!), loves to shinny up her treehouse, and gets along very well with Napoleon.  We bought Napoleon a toy for Christmas with three tiers that have to be turned relative to each other to open up the food chambers.  Annabelle now has figured out how to get food out of it and they share.  And she grooms Fred all the time.

Best regards,


Jan 2011

Hi Caroline,
Hope you are doing well! Just wanted to say hi and share a couple photos of Allura with you. She is absolutely stunning and my husband and I love her. She is so friendly, affectionate, and full of life. She reminds me a lot of Galliano and NYCie in her expressions and behavior. She loves to lick! We are so pleased and excited to have her as a part of our family. I will send you more pictures as she gets older.
Thank you for everything!



DEC 16 2010

Stycke is doing great!  Such a personable cat... he wants to be around us all the time and usually sleeps in my two daughters' bed now.  My son loves him to death, and Stycke just puts up with all the hugs and squeezes without putting up a fight or anything at all.  We couldn't be happier!!  Such a great cat... thank you again for everything!
Hope you are well and that you hand and knee are better.  Must be getting very cold up there since the last few nights it has dropped down to the 20s here in Virginia.  We even had snow earlier last week.  Crazy!
My best to you and Helmut!!!
Best regards,

Brian P., Virginia



Oct 2010

Mondel went to the vet and got a clean bill of health . He is really a bundle of joy for the both of us. All of the cats are playing together with no fighting. We have a couple of pics for you. And we also want to thank you and hope to come and get Mondel a buddy in the near future.   

Brian and Roseli Z, PA


Oct 1, 2010, from: KARA C.

Kye is a straight ear American Curl which happens ocassionally.


 Good Morning Caroline,

   Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say hello and let you know what Marconi and Kye have been up to.

   We are all doing very well and life is good.  Marconi has become an amazing traveler and goes with me just about everywhere other than work.  I always have people come up and ask me ³what is wrong with his ears², but after I explain, they are all very intrigued to find out more.

    Kye, (your little ³bunny² straight eared girl), has become an amazing Pet Therapy participate.  She specializes with narcotic patients (mainly meth) aiding them in getting off the drugs and becoming a part of society again.  It is amazing to watch her work with someone that is dealing with the issues of detoxing, and she gets them through the rough spots.

   They are both true wonders, and in the last year have touch MANY, MANY lives.  Again I thank you for allowing me to have them, and providing me with such life long joys.

Kara, Marconi and Kye



SEPT 28 2010

Hi Caroline,

Clementine is great. She adjusted in no time. Started eating the second we put food in her bowl. She is hilarious and adorable. Thank you for letting us take her last Friday. This week has been fantastic. Just like you said in one of the videos, she doesn't need a toy ever. She is her own little amusement park which provides endless entertainment. The funniest thing about her though are all the ridiculous sleeping positions she ends up in, as you can see in the photos. The one where she fell asleep in the exact same position as Sarah is our favorite.

Thanks again,

B and S, NYC


September 2010

Hi Caroline,
I'm George Mohan, my parents and I adopted Zaney last year.  He has been very happy with us and we just love him to death. I don't think he knows any other emotion but happiness, he's always happy and full of love.  He always wants to give it and always wants to receive it, which we are always very happy to give. He's very playful and silly, definitely lives up to his name. Zaney always wants to be around one of us, whether it's sleeping or doing some work around the house or cooking.  He always wants to get in there, see whats going on and be the center of attention.  Even when someone would be in the pool, he likes to grab our attention by walking up to the edge and splashing the water with his paw, it's so cute.  He likes hanging out in the back yard with us, getting fresh air, listening to the birds, and chasing butterflies haha. Don't worry though, the backyard has tall brick walls which he can't get over.  He enjoys spending time there with us, especially when the weather is nice. This weekend Zaney just turned one year old and I thought you should see how much he grew.  Here he is in a picture of him taken in my backyard. He went from this little puff ball to a beautiful and majestic feline.  
George M.



March 2010

I'm just writing to let you know that I have an appointment April 19 for Edward to get Neutered. He is such a joy and a lover! He loves so snuggle and hold my hand or arm and fall asleep. He sure is something. Well I'm sending you a picture of Me and Edward taken tonight.. my daughter took it so that I could send it to u in this e-mail. Hope u enjoy seeing Edward again and he is well loved! We took a video of him with her phone but couldn't get it to send to my mail...hope u enjoy the picture!





March 2010

Hi Caroline,

OMG! “Blanca” is doing fantastic and adapted to my place in just minutes! She has been eating and using the litter box on her own. Caroline, Blanca is so much fun, she is so playful, last night she kept playing jumping on our bed while we were trying to sleep! She kept doing this little dance too funny to see.  When she is not playing, she comes to me and curls up on my side or she goes to her sleepypod carrier and takes a nap. (She just jumped to my arm and stayed there as I am typing, so funny)

Thank you so much Caroline for making this kitty so joyful!

Leticia L.



JAN 2010


Dear Caroline,

Just wanted to say how proud I am that you were on "Cats 101" and that many of my friends and co-workers saw you!  It was so much fun to see you and your cats and hats on there.

Sirus just had his birthday on January 1 and I wanted to let you know that he is well.  I have attached a couple of pictures.  You can see that he is very comfortable.  He is also very interesting.  He is the strongest cat I have ever had.  He also is extremely active during the day.  It's like having a monkey in the house.  He goes to bed when I go to bed though, and sleeps through the night.  The vet has always been impressed with him and says he is a healthy cat and also has obviously been bred carefully.

Best Regards,

William D.


August 2009

Hi Caroline and Helmut 

Just a small update on the boys.  They are both so goofy.  They play so well together and seem to have the same peak hours.  So when they have pooped each other out, they love to cuddle together and hold one another....its soo sweet.

Rocket is bigger and loves to eat.  He will eat the entire soft food in the morning if he can.  His hair and tail are longer than Turbos.  He has a cute little side step playful walk he does that cracks me up....he scoots side ways with his back and tail arched and he will bob and twist his head....haa.. its the craziest thing.  He walks around the house calling for me and Turbo when he cant find us and once I call back he comes tearing up to us.  He LOVES the water.  I caught him the other day playing in Jones (my dogs) water bowl.  He had his entire front leg in the bowl slinging water all over the wall and floor. So I put about 4 inches of warm water in my utility sink and set him in there, he splashed and played for at least 5 minutes...what a nut.  Once you grab him and cuddle him down, he is the biggest lover and very trusting.  He will stretch out in your arms and be asleep in 5 minutes. 

Turbo is smaller in size, but larger in fun...He is always looking for the next adventure and has no fear.  He loves my dog Jones and greets him every morning with a purr and a chin rub with a tail swoop to the face.  Once Jones lays down to rest, Turbo is all over him inspecting him from head to toe and cleaning what is necessary.  Turbo is very smart and knows what I want, but he isn't always ready to follow the rules.  When he does want to obey he is the sweetest boy that will follow me all over the house and wait for me outside every door.  Both boys love to meet new people, but Turbo seems even more intrigued than Rocket.  He is always eager to make a new friend and doesn't know a stranger. 

They both got use to the ceiling fans but do still stare up at them.  When we let them in the bedroom with us, they go absolutely nuts and our bed becomes their playground as well as our bodies ..haa.  We usually end up kicking them out at some point due to the rowdiness and they usually sleep in the guest room.  I have a feeling though they dot sleep much at night.  When my alarm goes off at 5 am, they are at my door waiting to greet me.  Rocket will most always run up and wrap his paws around my ankle as a good morning hug.  Turbo wants picked up so we can touch noses.  Then Turbo, Rocket, Jones and I head down the steps to start our morning. 

Bob loves the boys as much as I and he cant believe how friendly, fun, and loving they are.  I made him a cat person.  Or I should say Turbo and Rocket made him a cat person. 

Hope all is well with you both,
Teresa E.
Columbus, Ohio

Additional E-Mail from Teresa

Hi Caroline

Ha glad you approve of the names.  They are proving to be fitting.  Turbo is a spit fire, he is sooo playful.  anyone that comes over he is willing to play.  Young and old alike.  He has won over our big dog ..Jones.  The 104# golden retriever.  Jones was not too thrilled with the new additions, but Turbo was not going to let that stone be left unturned.  He rubbed and caressed and played with Jones until finally last night Jones caved in and played with Turbo.  They were chasing each other and having a ball.  Jones now runs to the nursery when he knows its time to play.  Once turbo is pooped out (which is rarely) he turns his motor on full blast and purrrs like a turbo charged kitty would!

Rocket is such a little lover, although he is bigger than his brother.  Everyone that comes to visit laughs at Turbo, but picks up and loves on Rocket.  And he loves it!  He is the watcher, he likes to check out his surrounding before making his move.  Rocket is all about his routine, he knows when its time to go to bed and he heads to his room crying to get in.  They are staying in the guest room at night to keep them safe from themselves ..haa.  Rocket takes all his medicine (amoxicillin for resp infection)  without trouble.  A very dutiful friend.  Once held, Rocket will purr and lay out flat across your arms to be stroked. 

They love playing together and tackle and wrestle in the evenings.  Turbo loves my husband, and cant wait to get in his lap in his office.  Rocket searches me out to lay up on the couch and chill! 

They are definitely family.  Oh the vets were nuts over them,  They had never seen a "real live American Curl before"  I was there an hour and half so everyone could see and hear about them.  Friends and family have been making treks through my house non stop to see and meet the new additions.  They are a big hit in Columbus, Ohio.

They have a huge sun room that's the nursery with sky lights and sliding glass doors on two entire walls.  They play on their cat tree and watch the birds and wild life non stop.  In their night time room there is sky lights and they love to watch the trees blowing in the wind.

They are living the kitty dream!! 

Best to you all!!

Teresa and the boys!


July 2009



Here are pictures of our Curlies. We acquired Max from you when he was a kitten.  Look how he has grown!! The Vet calls him Max the Magnificent at 3 years old!!!  He is gorgeous with a lion like ruff framing his neck, a boastful chest, and that fluffy full red tail.  Max is a gentle lion. He greets all who visit and supervises all that happens.  He is one social Curlie.  Everyone loves him.

His fur is soft and silky and even though we have never declawed him, he keeps his claws soft and tucked in.  Max does not destroy anything and has never had an accident or thrown a hair ball. He is our indoor watch cat and the chief deer chaser.... at least that is what HE thinks he is as he runs from window to window shaking his head and making clicking noises that we call "barking".  Max touches noses with our neighbors' dogs when they visit our home.  He never hisses or spits and will lie down with them.  Max loves our daily "walks" as he rides in his cat stroller.  He sits in the front and calls out to squirrels and birds with little chirps. Max is very smart and has learned tricks (for food of course).  He comes when called and gets down when told.  Max is chatty and responds to you when you talk to him. He is as playful now as he was as a kitten. At night he jumps on the bed and touches our noses to say "good night" and then climbs into his cat tree bed. We have no need to set the alarm because Max is tapping on our cheek at 6am with his very soft paws to awaken us.  As soon as he sees that our eyes are opening, his loud purrrrrr motor starts up.  We are greeted with head nudging and biscuit making as he welcomes his people to the new day.  Thank you sooo much for breeding our loving Curlies and socializing them when they were just hours old.  You are THE best!

Jennifer F.
Avon Lake, Ohio


June 2009

hi to you,

symphony, better known as pixie is the llool=little love of our lives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she is a WOW!!!!!!!! a joy, a rascal, a delight, snuggle bunny, and then some. We couldn't be happier. Oh, did i mention she is soooooooooooooo smart. Tympien has taken on the role of MOM. the are the cutest coddlers'. I know I must send you pictures, and I will very soon. My favorite is the silhouette of the back of their heads looking out the window. OK I'll stop, but I could go on & on & on. We're in love. She is nova's bff thanks to you and Helmut. Your caring and love shine through your curls!

Yorktown Heights, NY




May 2009

Hi Caroline,
I hope you, Helmut and all the Curlies are well. Sorry we've been so busy and haven't been able to update you on Reeses.
I guess I should mention that Rae and Ed renamed him Hershey. They both thought that he looked like he has been dipped in chocolate.
Hershey has become such a beloved member of our family from the moment he came home with me. He gives us so much love and joy.
We really can't imagine our life before him now. 
Hershey is the first to greet Ed when he comes home from work every evening. He loves to drape himself on and around Ed's shoulders.
He has become such a Daddy's boy. It's funny to see Ed talking baby talk again.
Rae calls Hershey her baby, and says that we are the grandparents. He loves to cuddle with her when she's doing her homework or watching TV. 
As for me, he loves to rest his head against my chest like a baby when he sits on my lap. He really is a little angel in disguise.
He is so playful and affectionate, all our friends are enchanted by him too. 
We just had him neutered yesterday. He is doing really well. He was already jumping and playing with me this morning. 
I seem to have misplaced your exact address. If you can email me back with your address I'll send the certificate right away. 
New York City




May 12, 2009


Thanks Caroline! Rivington really is so gorgeous... He has been so sweet and loving since he arrived, purring, eating lots and now he's sleeping... It's amazing how relaxed he is in such a new situation. You really do a wonderful job raising them to be so brave and loving at the same time. I've attached a few photos we snapped off... There will probably be more to come I should imagine!


Thanks again - we are very happy!... (Still haven't decided on the name but will let you know...:)


Kind regards,
Hilary and Michael




April 2009


Dear Caroline,


Joe carries Hampton around like a baby and kisses his face.  I have been meaning to get back to you and give you updates on Hampton and I really want Mars even though Joe is dead against another cat since Hampton is the equivalent of a very energetic puppy.


 He knocks the dinner dishes off the counter, does not flinch with the crash and just looks at us with his adorable face like, "OK that was fun!"  All we can do is just laugh.  He is NEVER scolded, yelled at or chased away.  We are literally just constantly cleaning up after him  :)  Oh, I forgot to add that he likes to steal things and hide them away.  I have to follow him to find missing items, i.e.: dollar bills, bottle caps, pens, keys, cabinet unlock magnets, stamps, fridge magnets, eye shadow and makeup brushes, etc.  He finds the BEST hiding places and frequently changes them when I uncover his stash.


We are unsure what he really is?  Meows like a cat, faithful like a dog, soft like a mink, sweet as a baby lamb, mischievous like a raccoon, smart as a fox, and just the most beautiful, affectionate little soul in the world!    


You cornered the market on some really extra special pets.  He is amazing!! 


Hampton loves to eat and has literally doubled in size and weight.  He loves baked chicken, London broil and bananas.  Don't open a can of tuna fish with him around, the scene is too bizarre and comical.    


 Hampton is so good for reducing stress.  Joe has been so different and much happier since Hampton's arrival.  Much less aggravated with life and not as jumpy even with the house wrecking!   I think it is the affection. Hampton always greets him at the door and at 3:30 in the morning when Joe gets home from work, they have to have a loving session and a play session before they go to bed.  Must soothe his soul.




Sonja and Joe




Feb 2009


Hi Caroline,


I just wanted to share with you our experience with our little girl Venus. We named her Venus after the Goddess of love because this is how she is, just a bundle of love. When we come home she is right by the door waiting for us. And its great for the girls and myself to experience that. She loves to be picked up and lays her head on my shoulder. The family joke is that I am her human "cat tree".  A favorite game the girls play with her is rolling a ball down the hallway. Just watch out because she goes at lightening speed to get it. Its pretty funny. We really enjoy the way she interacts with us. Whenever I'm on the computer she hops on my lap and takes a nap. If I happen to be doing too much typing she will lift her head takes her front paws and grabs my arm and moves it back to her liking.  And I have to say the funniest thing she does is when she hops into a gift bag, curls up into a ball and all you see is her bright blue eyes peeking out.


The most important thing for me and the girls was to get a cat that would be a part of the family. We love her personality and she makes us laugh. And I can tell you she wants to know all that's going on even the girls homework she likes to inspect. All in all we adore her. I love the breed. They have wonderful personalities, their eyes are so expressive and they are very loving.



Seanora and the girls
Staten Island, NY




January 2009


Hi Caroline!


Wow!  I could easily fill a book describing how wonderful these kitties are.

After the passing of our beloved Fuzzy we doubted we could ever be that happy with a cat again.  We were wrong!  These two adorable Curls have stolen our hearts and filled our home with so much joy.  We even gave them names expressing what they have done for us.  Bronx we named Asher, a Hebrew name meaning "Happy" and "Encourager of the Oppressed." And to little Honey we also gave a Hebrew name, Asa, which means "Healer of the mind and body."  And that they are most certainly.


They are liberal with their love, too, not only sharing it with us, but with anyone who walks through our door.  Asher loves being passed around like a baby to whoever will hold him.  His Aunts and Uncles fight over who gets to hold him next.  He purrs instantly with any touch.  Asa is a bit more reserved, but quickly warms up and then snuggles up to anyone and everyone.

Her purr is so loud for such a tiny girl and her beautiful gaze is soul-searching!  They make everyone smile!


Not only are they little mushy babies, they are also frisky and love to play

- with anything that moves.  I can't even list a favorite toy because they love them all (and they have a lot!).  If I had to choose a category of toy it would be their fishing pole toys.  They love chasing and jumping after the dangling feathers or streamers.  One of their favorite pastimes is to sit on their favorite perch in the family room and peer through the window at the birds and ducks in the backyard. They get very excited when the squirrels come around to steal the bird food.  They also love their fuzzy mice and Asher will often walk around the house with one in his mouth.  Asa drags her toy du jour to bed with us and wakes us up to play!


We can't do anything in the house without their "help."  They sit with/on/behind/next to Daniel as he works from his home office and offer their opinions while he is on business calls!  I can't work-out alone anymore because I have two "personal trainers" who sit on me while I do crunches!  Too funny! Whether watching TV, reading, working, sleeping, putting on make-up, cooking, folding laundry, cleaning, - whatever - we are never alone and it is absolutely wonderful!!!


They are fantastic pets and truly a priceless addition to our family!


Thanks again for breeding such wonderful cats!  And, congratulations on your new litters!!!  They look like wonderful babies. So precious!!!  Best of luck with them!






Dec 2008


Hello Caroline & Helmut (and all the babies, too..)


 Thank you very much for the wonderful photos of the new babies. I cried when I looked at them because I cannot believe how beautiful the two little girls are! It is amazing how much they have grown since Vinnie and I came to see you - I can only imagine how soft and sweet smelling they are when you are holding them!


 I had to collect my thoughts to send this message to both of you; I want to sincerely express how much our visit with you has impacted both of our lives. You probably do not realize what happens after someone leaves seeing the curls and speaking to you...


 There is not a day that goes by that we do not talk about "the curls" and how much we were impressed by your sincere devotion to the breed and what you are doing - without realizing, you are giving everyone you reach out to a gift of happiness. As you opened the door to your home our first impression was to see those precious faces, all stop short at the same time and look at us with those big beautiful inquisitive eyes. The best Broadway director could not have staged that scene! Then, the playful antics that followed showed us the intelligence, innocence and beauty of this breed. They each had already developed a personality that anyone could love. We are still talking about Twizzler carrying around the feather stick and the little baby falling asleep for a quick nap in my husband's arms. Much of what you had said to us about how you were captivated the first time you saw them

also happened to us - they have a way of claiming your heart!


 We also wish to add that we appreciated your history and character introduction of the breed; although we are not planning to show our new little girl, we know that your devotion to the curls has helped to bring the breed to the level of appreciation and respect it now holds in the professional arena. Thank you for sharing that part of your life's experience with us - continue your work because you are gifting many people with happiness. I also want to note that I saw the film clip of you at one of the shows while I was watching a special on Cable about cats (all breeds) - you were holding one of your beauties close to your face and said "This is an American Curl!" It was great - I was sitting alone watching the tube and I jumped up and said out loud - "Caroline! That's Caroline!"


 Now, like any other expectant parents, we are preparing our home and hearts for our new little girl. She will have a cozy bed, a wonderful "Big Sister" to help take care of her and lots of kisses, cuddles and unlimited love to look forward to when she comes to her new home. I know ALL the babies (do they ever grow up?) are already getting much love from you both, so we will become an extension of that start when we become the permanent parents!


 We have decided to name our baby "Fiona", too, as we first fell in love with the curls by seeing a photo of the original Fiona. When we first discussed contacting you for a curl, we said to one another that we wanted "our own little Fiona." In consideration of your breeding transactions, if you need a special name to list the curl as an offspring, I have an idea for a name, so let me know (it has "curl" in it...).


 Well, for now I will be signing off. Please let us know what the next steps will be in our adoption process. And please keep sending the photos. Again, thank you very much!


Vinnie and Nadine S.
Brick, NJ



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