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Curl Grooming and Product Listings

By Caroline Scott-CFA American Curl Breed Council Secretary, MARCH 2008

Caroline Scott spent 22 years experimenting with every shampoo and grooming regimen to help enhance the silkiness and shine of the Curl coat.  Below you will see what products she suggests you use to help keep your Curl looking and feeling their best!

MUST Products needed

1. E-Z GROOM CRYSTAL WHITE Shampoo-Use CRYSTAL GOLD for red or brown coats-
Order from: www.ez-groom.com  800-777-5899  Say Caroline Scott recommended you please.

2. GOOP hand cleaner in a plastic tub from grocery store.

3. SHOWER TO SHOWER talc or Corn Starch powder to sprinkle liberally on tail fur packing it down to the skin the night before bath.

4. For ear cleaning prior and after bath, use Epi-otic Advanced Ear cleaner. Put on Q-Tips first and then gently clean the outer ear canal and furrows. Very important since the ears get scrutinized so closely. DO NOT PULL ON EAR CARTILAGE or put any liquids into the ears and avoid getting water into them. Item #17652-740  $12.99  www.revivalanimal.com

5. Pointy-ended make-up applicators called “Eye Tees” by Fran Wilson can be found on amazon... www.amazon.com

6. Mr. Cristal's Oil of Orchid Conditioner www.thepetonline.com

7. Waterpik Shower Massage head is best if the Curlie will tolerate it.  Purchase an extra long hose if bathing in the tub.

8. DAWN blue dish washing liquid.

9. Toothbrush

10. Bio-Groom Super White Shampoo for whitening white areas on your curl. Please do this step before you apply the Crystal White Shampoo. Item #70212 & #70211 www.KVVet.com

11. Johnson's Baby Shampoo (diluted for face washing)

12. 12 oz. Plastic Tumbler

13.  Super Duck Dryer has been discontinued so, here are a few links to view and make your best educated guess on what will work for you and your curl… www.petedge.com   www.amazon.com   www.dog.com

14. Bathe your Curl where the best water pressure is in the house.  If you do not have a large sink with a sprayer hose than use the bathtub.  It is best to use a Waterpic adjustable nozzle and an eight-foot long hose while bathing your Curl in the tub.  When you are on the road please put your Curl on a small wooden secure stool or carrier.  Prior to bathing it is necessary to clean ears and clip nails.  Trim any protruding link hairs from the chin and trim corners of top eyelashes to enhance your Curl’s walnut shape eyes with short straight nose-hair scissors…NOT CURVED.  www.KVVET.com  Item #563C  $6.95



On dry coat, use Goop working it well into the body coat, especially the tail and behind the ears. Use the toothbrush for the paws, behind ears and tail getting all the way down to the skin. Adding more water, Goop through entire cat and underneath belly. RINSE OUT WELL until squeaky. Squeeze Dawn directly on coat and tail using toothbrush behind ears and down to skin deep on the tail. Lather. RINSE OUT WELL. REPEAT the Dawn bath and rinse... Now pour 2 inches of Crystal White into tumbler and add VERY HOT water to half fill the tumbler. Mix. IMPORTANT to use as hot as possible. Slowly pour onto coat. Work into lather. Let stay on for 3-5 minutes. RINSE FOREVER AND UNTIL SQUEAKY. Now, use a TEENINCY SMUDGE of Oil of Orchid Conditioning Treatment rubbed onto your palms just so palms feel slippery. Work into back and sides so fur sits up spiky. NOT TOO MUCH. NEVER put conditioner on the tail, head or behind the ears.  Count to 50 while working into coat. Makes the coat very silky with minimal static. RINSE LIKE FOREVER UNTIL SQUEAKY. End of bath. Ready for grooming table.

Squeeze out excess water with big clean towels. Dry in an area free of other cats and no drafts. Place a towel on a grooming table. Hand dry using a Super Duck blow dryer on medium heat, hi blowing. Use fingers to separate fur for a few minutes. Using a medium metal comb, blow dry tail first. The tail gets blow dried with a medium fine comb gently separating the fine fur in opposite direction. Never pull. This all takes about 30 minutes from towel to dry. Then play with Curlie 5 minutes in a clean dry area to air dry. This “sets” the coat and helps prevent licking in hair licks or lying on the coat funny right after the bath. Then cage Curlie to keep out of trouble until the next morning, giving only dry food and water to prevent wet food mishaps. Give another bath on Saturday night if Curlie doesn't look perfect in the ring. Also the more you give a show shampoo the better they look. Give a Goop and Dawn bath a week before the Friday show bath when not shown for a while.


SATURDAY and SUNDAY before ring call, spray DAILY CARE  leave in detangler by Joico (formerly INTEGRITY) available from beauty supply houses or some drug stores. Mist over body, stomach and tail. One spray each. Leave in 3 minutes and let dry. Then comb.
Fine metal comb around head and chest Medium metal comb body, tail and belly fur. Small natural bristle brush for tail optional. Use a clean, dampened washcloth for face cleaning prior to EVERY ring. Water dish filled with water to moisten Q-Tips for eyes, nose and face cleaning prior to EVERY ring. NEVER use your fingernail to clean eyes or nose.... Blow on the fur in the opposite direction when combing to separate fur.

 For quick help on stud tails in the hotel room use Shower to Shower powder. Brush out with bristle brush and a blow dryer prior to leaving for show hall Sunday. NEVER put powder on coat anywhere else on body, it just makes it worse. Use white grooming powder on a Q-Tip gently on chin and across nose if white areas. Pink the nose with a wet Q-Tip for that healthy glow just before going to the ring. Now you should be ready to compete with confidence. GOOD LUCK! Curlie will look great! Always reward with baby food on a spoon before and after show ring. Stay calm as Curls will pick up on stress--- and have fun!!  Caroline


ph  936-689-4349