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Procurl Harem American Curls Paws

Procurl Harem American Curls Paws

Caroline and Helmut with their kitten "Ganache" in the glorious
American Curl Booth. Thanks Bruce and Diana Clark, Joe and Grace Ruga


Our informative and beautifully done Breed Booth.
"Pride to be an American Curl booth!"


Diana and Joe setting up the booth. Joe brought 2 monitors that
continually rotated Curl pictures in a slide show format. Wonderful idea Joe!


(L) Procurlharem Curl Hand Luke (R) DBcats Lil Two Bits


Joe resting after driving the booth from California to New York City.
Diana Clark printed and mounted each picture on both sides of the breed booth.


Caroline with Diamonds Are A Curls Best Friend
"DeeDee" - 8 years old and in great condition


Caroline and DeeDee


Caroline and DeeDee


Diana and Caroline demonstrate their Curls for the audience


Joe Ruga, co-founder of the breed with his Shorthair Curl example


Grace Ruga, co-founder of the breed with Caroline


Grace and Caroline doing their thing


(L -R) Joe, Grace, Bruce, "IKEA" and Caroline. IKEA was the LH example in the breed booth


Grace, Bruce, "IKEA" and Caroline


At the breed booth: AB Judge Joan Miller goes over attributes of "IKEA" with Caroline


Susan Baxter with LH Colorpoint Procurlharem "Essex" Scarlet Pimpcurlnel


Susan and Diana talking Curls while ballooned show guests have fun


Caroline and Grace demonstrating their Curls to the audience


Helmut with crowd pleasing Ganache


Ganache demonstrates the typical Curl personality - loving attention!


Caroline and Ganache


Bruce instructs an onlooker to disinfect hands before touching the cats

Details of the 2010 Meet the Breeds

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